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Our People.

Meet the team of incredible volunteers who are using their own experiences as a driving force of good in MindHealth to proactively promote and protect the mental health and wellbeing of medical students.
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Dr Christine Muhota

CEO + Co-Founder + Trustee

FY2 doctor currently pursuing a PG CERT, whilst supporting the growth of healthcare leaders


A medical student with a passion for mental health resilience within the healthcare profession

COO + Co-Founder + Trustee

Emma Boxley

Emma is a medical student and Founder, Trustee, and COO of Mind Health. She is passionate about equipping medical students and doctors with the skills they need to not just survive but thrive in their medical careers. She has carried out national research around mental health in doctors and later psychiatrist wellbeing alongside her Medical Anthropology MSc. As cohort director at the Healthcare Leadership Academy, she supports healthcare professionals with developing their leadership skills and teaches extensively, from medical school SSUs to supporting medical and psychology students and teachers.  


Emma is also passionate about increasing global access to medicines, as former National Coordinator of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM), working with the MSF Geneva Access to Medicines division and participating in Johns Hopkins design sprints, established an innovation to minimise antimicrobial resistance rates in Kara Tepe refugee camp.  


When she isn’t travelling Emma loves bouldering, surfing, Muay Thai and (trying) to regularly meditate.

Dr Christine Muhota is a co-founder, CEO, and Trustee of Mind Health For Medical Students (CRN: 1196846), which has been named by Global Health Pharma as the ''Best Medical Student Mental Health Organisation 2023 UK''. She received a first Class Honours in Medical Pharmacology (2018) and then went on to study Medicine MBBCh at Cardiff University School of Medicine, graduating in July 2022.


She is currently working as a specialised foundation programme doctor in the West Midlands, and is currently studying for a PGCERT in Medical Education at the University of Birmingham during her FY2 year and working as a medical education clinical teaching fellow. She is a Fellow in the Institute of Management (FIoL) and also a Fellow in The Healthcare Leadership Academy (FHLA) where she has been a cohort director for Bristol and continues to support the growth of other healthcare leaders.


She has had first-hand experience of mental health issues due to PTSD and is highly empowering and an advocate for the prioritisation of well-being teaching in the medical school curriculum. She leads the charity which has a fantastic team of doctors and medical student volunteers in the charity to continue driving towards our objectives, adhere to regulations, and also strategies for the future. Her hobbies include being on a beach, swimming, and painting for mindfulness, and is always here to support you all.



Dr Jacob Bloor

CEO + Co-Founder + Trustee

Doctor with PGCert in Medical Education who takes leadership role in various organisations

Dr Jacob Bloor is currently embarking on an executive director pathway in the private healthcare sector whilst locuming clinically across medicine, surgery and emergency care in the NHS. Having achieved his MBChB with honours from the University of Liverpool, Jacob went on to study for a PGCert in Medical Education at the University of Sheffield, where he also worked as a clinical lecturer and medical school examiner.


Jacob has held a number of executive leadership roles across the charity, local government and corporate sector including for organisations such as JASME, the FMLM and the Be Free Campaign. As a long standing cohort director and lead for mentorship at the Healthcare Leadership Academy, Jacob continues to support other healthcare professionals in their personal and professional journeys. In 2020, he co-founded the UK’s first mental health and wellbeing charity for medical students, MindHealth, where he has since gone on to lead the expansion programme, chair the strategic advisory board to shape the direction and operational development of the charity, and most recently took on the position of Trustee within the organisation.


In his free time, Jacob is a qualified RYT200 yoga instructor at Virgin Active and Nuffield Health and is an interview coach and private tutor for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Cate is a 4th-year medical student based at Imperial College 


They are currently taking a year out to complete an intercalated degree in Anthroplogy and Sociology at Edinburgh University. They are passionate about empowering doctors and medical students to do our difficult jobs well and with adequate support, and about destigmatising mental health and self-care in medicine.

Events Coordinator

Cate Goldwater Breheny


A medical student at the University of Leeds, currently intercalating in Human Physiology.


Enjoys spending time with his Labradoodle Kylo and playing tennis on the weekends. He has a passion for mental health and wellbeing advocacy and believes in the importance of representing medical students’ voices, ensuring that all of our future healthcare workers will be well equipped to face the daily struggles of life as a Junior Doctor.

Campaigns Coordinator + Researcher

Avi Miller

Vidyaah copy.jpg

An architectural designer at a commercial practise with a passion for mental health advocacy

Design & Branding Coordinator

Vidyaah Seth



Dr Ellie Chilcott is a Foundation Year 1 doctor working in Peninsula foundation school


She graduated from Cardiff University in 2023. During her time at Cardiff, she spent 3 years as her cohorts welfare representative and she achieved an intercalated BSc in Neurosciences. Ellie is passionate about mental wellbeing and she joined the Mind Health For Medical Students team as our Fundraising and Sponsorship officer in 2022

Fundraising + Sponsorship Coordinator

Dr Ellie Chilcott


Caitlin is a current 4th year medical student who has been with MindHealth for almost 2 years.


She is passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of well-being amongst medical students. Outside of that, she likes to read and crochet.

Campaigns Coordinator

Caitlin Fong

Alice Benskin.png

Alice Benskin is a Registered Nutritionist with Association for Nutrition, wife to an Anglican vicar and momma to three small children.


She works as a Nutrition Scientist, supporting as Nutrition Education Lead for Nutritank, and is also a trainee psychologist, currently studying with University of Wolverhampton. Benskin serves Mind Health for Medical Students in a scientific advisory capacity, and has been creating nutrition and mental health resources for the charity with a keen team of volunteer dietitians, nutritionists and nutritional therapists. Her key areas of research interest are nutritional psychiatry (nutrition and brain health) and nutritional psychotraumatology (the science of nutrition and trauma), and she regularly lectures on both subjects. In her spare time, she loves playing football, yoga and teaching English as a foreign language to refugees and immigrants.

Clinical Nutrition Lead

Alice Elizabeth Benskin

Wider Team.


Shrina studies Medicine at the University of Sheffield and is currently going into her 4th year.


Shrina got involved with MindHealth after her personal struggles at university and she wanted to pass on what she learned from her experiences, to fellow students. In her spare time Shrina enjoys reading, and also enjoys staying active through going to the gym, giving her a routine and goals to strive for daily.

Operations Team

Shrina Patel


Cilla is a 4th year medical student studying at the University of Leicester.


Outside of Medicine, she loves listening to music, agony aunt style podcasts, and lifting weights. She is a proud advocate of maintaining mental and physical well-being. Life events and failures during university served as a reminder that there is more to life than becoming a Dr. After reading the Survival Guide, she was inspired to help MindHealth in their efforts to prioritise medical students mental health and wellbeing.

Fundraising + Sponsorship Team

Priscilla Neaupane


Alice is in her 4th year of Medicine, and completed an intercalated degree in International Health


She has an interest in continuing research throughout her medical career. She is also passionate about promoting wellbeing amongst medical students and personally uses mindfulness techniques to cope with stressful times.

Campaigns Team

Alice Hewitt

C Boxley.png

Charlotte is a 3rd year Sociology student. Her hobbies involve pottery, yoga, art and sport.


Although not a medical student, she sees the impact Mindhealth has in helping all students who are overwhelmed in their studies. She joined mindhealth knowing how much it impacts the lives of students who will become healthcare professionals, who will play a crucial role in society’s well-being.

Campaigns Team

Charlotte Boxley


Devya is currently a final-year medical student. She is passionate about improving wellbeing services


Devya loves MindHealth as it provides her with the opportunity to promote her passion and make a difference in the lives of medical students whilst empowering them. She also loves the sense of community that she feels at MindHealth - it's a great place to connect with others passionate about mental health! In her spare time, she loves hanging out with friends, reading, and playing table tennis.

Campaigns + Events Team

Devya Kumaresan


Current Cell Biology student at UCL, loves to play tennis and kickboxing


Joined MindHealth because wanted to spread awareness of the importance of mental health :)

Fundraising Team

Ekaterina Iijima


Tabs is currently in her 3rd year studying Medicine at the University of Sheffield


Having experienced first hand the struggles of balancing medical school and their own mental health, tabs hopes to help other students in a similar position realise that they aren’t alone and there are many people here to help. In their free time tabs enjoys travelling, crafts and playing the piano.

Fundraising Team

Tabs Podger


Jessica is a fifth-year medical student at Imperial College London


She is passionate about both physical and mental well-being. When they're not busy on placement, you'll often find them at the gym or in a lively spin class, harnessing the power of exercise to stay balanced and destress. Their involvement with MindHealth, stems from her understanding of the unique challenges faced by herself and her peers. Having felt the intense academic demands and emotional toll of medical school, they are committed to promoting mental health awareness and resilience within the medical community. More importantly she wishes to emphasise the importance of seeking help and resources to manage the stresses in our lives, as it is never selfish to prioritise mental wellbeing.

Events Team

Jessica Lancaster


They are currently in 4th year at the university of Leicester studying medicine


They enjoy being part of MindHealth as they would like to help support medical students through their journey and help them not feel alone. Their hobbies include watching sport and listening to music.

Events Team

Aashi Rawat

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