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Help Hub.

Life is hard, but support doesn’t have to be. We’ve got this, you’ve got this.

Here is a directory of National Helplines and resources available for medical students, doctors, and healthcare professionals in need of help with their mental health. When you call, you should expect to be received in a non-judgemental and empathetic way by the volunteer. You do not have to give your name or any defining features and you should never be asked to discuss anything that makes you uncomfortable. The list is not exhaustive and will continue to be updated.

Please reach out for help, it is okay not to be okay and every single one of us needs support at some point in our lives. 

PAPYRUS is the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide. If you are having thoughts of suicide contact HOPELINEUK for confidential support 0800 068 4141

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Practitioner Health

Practitioner Health is a free, confidential NHS primary care mental health and addiction service with expertise in treating healthcare professionals. 

Medical Defence  Union (The MDU)

The MDU is a medical defence organisations (MDOs) offering professional medical indemnity for clinical negligence claims and advice provided by medico-legal experts. It is a mutual not for profit organisation.

Laura Hyde

They provide mental health support to medical and emergency services staff: 24-hour health support lines, resilience training, and host events that talk about mental health.


Nurse lifeline aims to combat burnout, emotional isolation and subsequent mental health problems faced in the field of nursing and midwifery. Contact the helpline on 0808 801 0455

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British Medical Association (BMA)

The BMA has a free and confidential 24/7 counselling line and peer support service open to all doctors and medical students on

0330 123 1245.

In Distress

Doctors in Distress is working to provide mental wellbeing support for all healthcare workers across the UK through confidential, facilitated peer support groups.

Support Network

DSN aim to provide a peer support network for doctor and medical students, they  currently have local meeting is different regions where doctors meet up for group support

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Disabled Doctor's

This support network and website is aimed at chronically ill/disabled doctors, medical students, and anyone else requiring information or support regarding inclusion in the medical professions as a person with a chronic illness or disability

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