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Introducing the


for medical students


MindHealth for Medical Students is a charity that aims to promote and protect the mental health and wellbeing of medical students. This online guide has been designed to empower, engage and equip you to be able to deal with your mental health and wellbeing when studying medicine and beyond. We have shared tips on what has helped us survive medical school, which we hope will be helpful to you. We will give you some insights and advice on important aspects of mental health, strategies to implement that could help, good resources to use, and how to proactively improve your overall wellbeing. This guide is written by our lovely volunteers. Please support us by giving us your feedback linked here based on this guide. This online guide has been written with awesome individuals like yourself in mind and we sincerely hope you find this useful! Tag us on Instagram @mindhealthuk we would love to see you using it! 

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